Final Model 1/8"= 1'-0"

walnut, basswood, and clear acrylic

Located directly off I-15 in the Granary District of Salt Lake City, the project inhabits an abandoned cement silo. The "Light Tubes" would be constructed out of glass or acrylic hollow cones filled with optical gel. This would carry light into the drum during the day and glow from the inside out during the night.

The Light silo is meant as a space for contemplation of our place as humans within the larger context of the world, built and natural.

Study models  1/16"= 1'-0"

The concept for this project was developed through the study of Native American religion and the belief that everything on this earth possesses life. I was drawn to this site because even in its abandonment, it seemed to posses life. The light shafts incorporated into the silo are representations of the spiritual connection between all things. The person experiencing the space then becomes the literal representation of life.

The Light Tubes are positioned to catch the rising and setting sun and point to Capitol Hill, The Great Salt Lake, and south to the rest of the valley. They are meant to give bearing and context to the user.

light silo