Section showing wall panel

For this project, I personally created sections and elevations, shop drawings for the material wall, early prototyping renderings and 3D modeled the material wall panels, tables and chairs in Rhinoceros.  A teammate created the final renderings and I post processed them in photoshop.

Final renderings

North elevation showing the material wall panels and furniture

West elevation showing the material wall panel and sculpture displays

The chair and table design needed to be cohesive with other elements in the space.  I decided to use plate steel and beetle kill pine in similar forms to the material wall panel.

The panel incorporates beetle kill pine, plate and tube steel, and various material panels into the design.

After multiple iterations, the material wall  panels developed into a non-hinging display.  It was decided that hinging into the space could cause problems with sculpture display, as that is the main purpose of the space. The final design includes a bar-height shelf band with intermittent power outlets. It would act as a standing desk or stool height work space.    

Diagram showing structure of the final direction of the material wall panels

Renderings showing development of the material wall panels and early versions of the furniture.

The back of the panels could have writing surfaces attached.  When hinged out, students could work on the back of the panels, facilitating group study.

Development of  'plug and play' idea.  The individual materials on display can be arranged within the larger panel, allowing interaction with the materials and customization of the panels. 

Plan showing hinging panels of varying lengths.

Development of material walls

Rendering by Michael Hoehn, post processing by Otto Stefan

Building off of work done for the Moveable Green Wall, the material wall panels would function to divide the space into a series of smaller spaces.  Also, instead of plants, the walls would display various building materials that were a part of the Art and Architecture Materials Library and would act as a teaching tool.

My job included facilitating communications between group members and developing the design of material wall panels. Later in the design process, it included the development and digital design of tables and chairs.

Students went through a competitive application process where eight students from multiple disciplines were chosen.  Each student had a specific job within the group, in addition to developing the design of a certain element in the space.  Student developed design will be incorporated into the building of the sculpture garden beginning fall 2015.

Marriott library sculpture garden

The University of Utah Art and Architecture library received private donations to build a semi-enclosed sculpture garden to display student work.  This work is from an internship stemming from the Moveable Green Wall studio project. We designed furniture, sculpture plinths, and material wall displays to be fabricated by another contractor.