For this project, I contributed to concept development, 3D modeling, prototyping and model making.

1/16 scale model

Rendering showing the green walls hinged out creating study nooks.

Shown is a section of the green wall. Actual size is 8' x 12'

The green wall incorporates irrigation in the wall cavity. The individual plant modules are watered via a drip system

Planter box prototyping

Our design incorporated removable planter boxes that could be arranged in patterns and removed in the winter and stored in a greenhouse. 

Green wall construction diagrams

East Elevation

South Elevation

Plan with hinges open

Plan with hinges closed

The plants grow on hinged, vertical planters that line the interior wall.  The planters can swing into the space creating study nooks.

My concept was one for the class selected, so as a team we focused on incorporating plants in a way that allows multiple functions within the space.

The space is covered, but open air, the concept incorporated plant life and furniture that could be customized by students.

Planter module

Movable green wall

The Marriott Art and Architecture Library reached out to year one studio classes to help generate ideas about a redesign of an unused space in the library.  The space would act as a place for art students to display sculptures and as a study area for University students.  We were divided into five teams based on five chosen student concepts.